January 11: The 2016 Wastebook

The end of the year brings big promises for a new year and an even bigger pile of bills racked up during the season that has just passed. This is particularly true in our nation’s capital. Within mere days, the national debt will top $20 trillion, the largest amount ever owed by any nation in history, and the federal government’s authority to borrow expires in March. But rather than making a long overdue resolution to be fiscally responsible, the promises from Washington are to spend even more. In Congress, politicians in both parties are pushing to further loosen bipartisan budget caps and revive the corrupt practice of earmarking tax dollars for pork projects. And while the incoming president’s agenda includes $1 trillion for infrastructure, $5 trillion in tax cuts, and nearly $500 billion more for defense, he promises to tackle the deficit by doing what most in Washington have long refused to do– go after waste, fraud, and abuse in every agency.