June 27: Man talks on phone while riding on hood of car doing 70 mph

A man was spotted riding on the hood of a car barreling down the express lane of I-95 in Florida late Sunday — and appeared to be talking on the phone, according to one driver who recorded video of the wild stunt.

“What the actual f—k?” the driver said. “We are mid-highway.”



A female passenger in the car seemingly could not believe her eyes, according to the video.

“What is that?” she said. “Oh my God!”

The driver, Daniel Midah, told the Miami New Times that the man on the hood was somehow hanging onto the Mercedes-Benz C300 with one hand and appeared to be talking on the phone with his other hand. A woman behind the wheel, meanwhile, was also talking on the phone, likely to the man hanging onto her car on the “most dangerous highway” in the world, Midah surmised.

“It was literally crazy,” Midah, 19, told the newspaper. “The guy was looking left and right, a phone in one hand. It didn’t look like he was alarmed or fazed by anything. He was chilling, like nothing was weird.”