June 29, 2018: Fargo!


ID  38241674
Age 3Y 2M
Weight 63lbs. 14oz.
Gender Male
Breed Shepherd Mix
Personality Social Butterfly

The Farg, as he is affectionately known, is a capital fellow! He’ll make some lucky adopter a true blue sidekick. Farg likes to play fetch and is smart; looking forward to opportunities to learn and grow into a real “tricks” dog. Particular about meeting people while out and about and hopes that others will respect his space as he will respect theirs. Fargo definitely hopes to be a solo dog as he loves his folks and doesn’t want to share. More of a country kind of guy, He’s not interested in the apartment life and is looking for a home with a backyard and adult type people. Are you the one to make his dreams come true?