August 3, 2018: Frank!


ID  38897354
Age 3Y 1M
Weight 63lbs. 14oz.
Gender Male
Breed Shepherd Mix
Personality Social Butterfly

Okay, it’s been just a few short days since I arrived here in San Francisco. May I be Frank with you? No, really, I’d like to be myself (Frank’s the name, honesty’s the game!) and not play coy. I’m a bit nervous about all the new stuff happening around me. I’m not in the least nervous about receiving chicken and if you have some, I’ll warm up right away! I’m taking things slowly while here, and will likely need to take things slowly at first when I move on to my forever home. But, watch out! I’m a big ole lover hoping to find my family soon so I can come out of the “newby-ness” I’m experiencing here.