September 11: Mike Rowe: Nike Can Pick Whomever They Like For Their Ads, But I Would Put This 9/11 Hero On A Billboard

This is a free country. Nike can pick whomever they like for their ads. We may not like it. That’s fine; don’t buy their stuff. One veteran launched his own line of gear called Just Stand, a response to the ongoing controversy of athletes, and now even some public officials, kneeling during the national anthem. It’s disrespectful. Not illegal for sure, but don’t cry and whine when patriotic Americans take you to the woodshed. For many, they see the kneelers as a group of people disrespecting the flag, the anthem, the country, and our veterans—those defending our freedom to enjoy these various sporting events throughout the year. It’s also seen as a sign of disrespect to those who have been killed in defense of this great country. Liberals don’t see it that way. They’re getting frustrated that people don’t see it their way, which shows the minority view point that is American liberalism. Even New England Patriots fans felt kneeling was out of line, one fan actually agreed with Trump: the players kneeling should be fired.



Colin Kaepernick, a former QB for the San Francisco 49ers, is one of the faces of this movement who was recently picked to be the face of Nike’s Just Do It campaign. It focuses on sacrifice—and how much it might cost someone due to his or her beliefs. It’s political. It’s meant to be controversial, and it was a huge middle finger to patriotic Americans. Again, this is America. She’ll give you a helluva fight for what you believe in, but while some are rightfully angry about Kaepernick’s nonsense, there’s Mike Rowe, television host whose famous for Dirty Jobs and Somebody’s Gotta Do It on Discovery and CNN respectively. He also narrates the Deadliest Catch series.