September 12: From Steve Frank – I Left My Shoes In San Francisco

There is so much s**t on the streets of San Fran that you are bound to step in it while visiting this Third World city.  No, not from Fido, but from Fred.  This is a town that thinks plastics straws are destroying the Earth, but it is ok to give out 4.4 MILLION syringes to kill off the druggies in town.  This is a sick town—no amount of therapy will save it.

“Enter the search term “San Francisco feces map” into Google and it comes back with 1,040,000 results. Yeah, it’s a thing. San Francisco was always grungy – back in the 1980s, I believe it was comic Bobby Slayton who called it “the city that makes its own gravy” – but it has gone from merely unwashed to actively unflushed.

Sure, it’s funny to the rest of us, in a horrifying and disgusting kind of way, just like the fact that the socialist geniuses in Venezuela are forcing the famished locals to gnaw on its zoo’s zebras and gnus for sustenance. You look at these examples of leftism in action and you have to laugh, but what’s not funny is that this is not some sort of aberration. This is the future our liberal elite wants for us, and it’s doing everything it can to make it a reeking reality.”