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Bob Tanem in the Garden: January 12, 2019

Our guest was the inimitable Cal Orey, author of many books in the “Healing Powers Of…” series.  Her latest? The Healing Powers of Essential Oils.  Here, Cal demystifies and shows us the benefits of these many extracts and essences.  Cal was also available to discuss her other remedies, including Vinegar, which she recommended for many…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: January 5, 2019

Our guest at half past the hour was Barry Hoffer of Maples For All Seasons, one of the pre-eminent Maple experts in the country; his nursery supplies many varieties of Japanese Maples (and more) and he is expert in helping people select and care for these trees in various climates. Edie Tanem was unable to…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: December 29, 2019

Our program this morning was all about the callers; we did not feature a guest interview today.  Popular topics include fall pruning of various trees especially Japanese maple and pit fruit, and of roses; all of this is best to happen in January. Edie Tanem is on hand and well prepared with an abundant list…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: December 22, 2019

No guest on the show this chilly, rainy day right before Christmas — a good today to talk about houseplants, spring pruning, and future plans: we did this and more with callers all over the bay area and beyond! Edie Tanem has her jingle bells out and her list of upcoming gardening events is long;…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: December 15, 2019

Our guest at 8:30 was Randy Schultz, garden editor of Home, Garden & Homestead: The Guide to Modern Living; Randy was here to tell us about all sorts of cool gifts for gardeners! We start the hour with Edie Tanem’s report on Bay Area Gardening events; then it’s right back to America’s Happy Gardener, Bob…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: December 8, 2019

Our guest at 8:30 was Jessica Walliser, multi-faceted author of many books including her new one, “Gardeners Guide to Compact Plants: Edibles & Ornamentals for Small Space Gardening.” A lively interview, she fields Bob’s questions with aplomb as the two compare notes about getting big results from a small garden space. Edie Tanem is once…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: November 24, 2019

Our guest was Debra Lee Baldwin, our go-to expert on Succulent Plants. Her topic today? How to prepare and protect your succulent garden for winter and the coming chill; coincidentally the weather has freezing temperatures in the forecast in parts of the Bay Area this coming week. Edie Tanem starts the hour off in style…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: November 17, 2019

We had a guest at 8:30; Mr. Jess Running — an arborist from Davey Tree Company — Joined us to discuss Sudden Oak Death (SOD) which is threatening Northern California’s majestic native oak trees.  For more information go to UC Berkeley’s “SOD Blitz” site. First things first; Edie Tanem starts things off right this hour…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: November 10, 2019

Bob kept the show just between himself and the listeners; no guest but lots and lots of calls as the weather starts to turn more fall like and people have questions for America’s Happy Gardener, about their garden! Edie Tanem has freshly picked gardening events all over the bay area in the weeks ahead; she…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: November 3, 2019

Bob didn’t have a guest today, rather, we took a lot of phone calls. Today marks the return to Standard Time in our part of the world, and the weather was fine so people are in fact out thinking about their gardens! Edie was on hand and did her homework; we’ve got a lot of…MORE