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Bob Tanem in the Garden: June 23, 2019

Happy Summer Solstice! To celebrate we had special guest, the author of “Grow In The Dark: How to Choose and Care For Low-Light House Plants”, Lisa Steinkopf. Knowledgeable, and clearly excited about her topic, Lisa spent half an hour discussing how to cultivate plants that will thrive even if you hide them in deep shade…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: June 16, 2019

Our guest at 8:30 was Mary Phillips of the Million Pollinator`Garden Challenge.  The idea? lets welcome and invite and create habitat in our gardens for pollinators of all stripes — honey bees and otherwise!  And there’s lots of other pollinators, many native.   Listen in for information on why we should care about this —…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: June 9, 2019

At 8:30, we welcomed our guest Amy Andrychowicz, author of Vertical Vegetables: Simple Projects that Deliver More Yield in Less Space.  Yes that’s right; she’s got the vegetable gardens growing up the walls and a bunch of other stuff. Edie Tanem is on her game at 9:06, with this weeks’ edition of Stuff To Do…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: June 2, 2019

Our guest at 8:30 was David Mizejewski of the National Wildlife Federation, talking about his newly updated book, “Attracting Birds, Butterflies and Other Backyard Wildlife”. Edie Tanem once again starts the hour off in style with her copious list of Things To Do For Gardeners all around the Bay; then it’s right back to the…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: May 26, 2019

Our guest at 8:30 was Robert Kourik, author of multiple books and distinguished gardener.   His latest?  “Lazy Ass Gardening: Maximize your soil, Minimize your toil.” Robert has been on the show multiple times before, and Bob considers him a dear friend. Our 2nd hour starts with Edie Tanem and this weeks’ list of Things…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: May 19, 2019

Our guest at 8:30 was Debra Lee Baldwin, noted author and expert on succulents; she’s been on our show before and is quickly becoming our go-to expert for succulent plants! Today Bob was dying to ask her; what to do about succulents drowned by late rains? Our second hour kicks off once again with Edie…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: May 12, 2019

Our guest was Emma Biggs, the now 14-year-old published author, noted gardener and garden emissary. Nor was our show Emma’s first brush with publicity; she’s a garden world sensation and has her very own website. Our second hour is kicked off right on time with Edie Tanem and her up-to-the-minute list of must do’s for…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: May 5, 2019

Our guest at 8:30 is Louis Dam of Dramm — the watering equipment company; he lead off by telling us that people always get his name and the name of the company confused.   What is less confusing is, the extent to which Dramm’s lines of watering equipment have risen to the challenge with many,…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: April 28, 2019

Our guest this morning at 8:30 was Jan Johnson, author of Gardentopia: Design Basics for Creating Beautiful Outdoor Spaces, her latest among many spanning a storied career in the world of nurturing gardens.


Bob Tanem in the Garden: April 21, 2019

Our guest at 8:30 was Kelly Rouke, who is the Director or Programs and Operations at the Pollinator Partnership: a non-profit dedicated to promoting the health of pollinators through conservation, education, and research.  To say that we hosted an expert on pollinators in California is a mild understatement.  Did you know that there are 600 species…MORE