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Bob Tanem in the Garden: August 11, 2019

Our guest at 8:30 was Jan Tolmasoff of the Russian River Rose Company; she is an expert at growing all sorts of roses in our region, so…. Edie Tanem is on duty and starts off the hour with a rundown of upcoming events of interest to gardeners in the Bay Area in the weeks ahead;…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: July 23, 2019

Bob interviewed 2 guests, with a theme loosely based on the idea of summer picnicking! Parker Garlitz is an expert in “micro greens,” which he explained is sort of a cross between “sprouts” — e.g., beansprouts and alfalfa sprouts like we’ve all seen in the markets — and full-fledged vegetables.   “Micro greens” are sprouted…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: July 14, 2019

Bob welcomed Jeff Harris, president of the San Francisco Orchid Society, as our guest at 8:30; Jeff of course wanted to discuss the orchid show — Orchids in the Park — that would be running July 20 and 21 at the San Francisco County Fair’s “Hall of Flowers.” There is the public show, and then…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: July 7, 2019

Being as we are in the peak summer months, Bob forewent a guest and dedicated the program entirely to listener calls again this morning: peak yield is achieved by sticking to the basics! Lots of people out there with confused plants; it’s cold and wet, then it’s hot, then it’s cool… some plants handle this…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: June 23, 2019

Happy Summer Solstice! To celebrate we had special guest, the author of “Grow In The Dark: How to Choose and Care For Low-Light House Plants”, Lisa Steinkopf. Knowledgeable, and clearly excited about her topic, Lisa spent half an hour discussing how to cultivate plants that will thrive even if you hide them in deep shade…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: June 16, 2019

Our guest at 8:30 was Mary Phillips of the Million Pollinator`Garden Challenge.  The idea? lets welcome and invite and create habitat in our gardens for pollinators of all stripes — honey bees and otherwise!  And there’s lots of other pollinators, many native.   Listen in for information on why we should care about this —…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: June 9, 2019

At 8:30, we welcomed our guest Amy Andrychowicz, author of Vertical Vegetables: Simple Projects that Deliver More Yield in Less Space.  Yes that’s right; she’s got the vegetable gardens growing up the walls and a bunch of other stuff. Edie Tanem is on her game at 9:06, with this weeks’ edition of Stuff To Do…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: June 2, 2019

Our guest at 8:30 was David Mizejewski of the National Wildlife Federation, talking about his newly updated book, “Attracting Birds, Butterflies and Other Backyard Wildlife”. Edie Tanem once again starts the hour off in style with her copious list of Things To Do For Gardeners all around the Bay; then it’s right back to the…MORE