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Bob Tanem in the Garden: April 14, 2019

Our guest this morning at 8:30 was John Ford of Bonide Garden Products.  John is a wealth of knowledge about effective pest control and fertilization, and in addition to answering all of Bob’s questions, he took calls from our audience about how to use the products. Bob’s daughter Edie is on site and caffeined up;…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: April 7, 2019

Our guest at 8:30 was Abby Artemisia, author of The Herbal Handbook for Homesteaders: Farmed and Foraged Herbal Remedies and Recipes.  We talked herbs, and lots of them: how to grow them, how to use them, and some surprising things you can do along the way! Edie Tanem borrows the mic to start off the…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: March 31, 2019

Our guest this morning was Steve Bartholomew, who has recently published the 3rd edition of his dad’s book, Square Foot Gardening.   Not only that, but Steve is now the President of the Board of Directors of Square Foot Gardening Dot Org, a non-profit foundation carrying on the work of Mel Bartholomew. The vision of…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: March 24, 2019

Our guest at 8:30 was Matt Mattus, author of Mastering The Art of Vegetable Gardening — a book that caught Bob’s attention, and which he read cover to cover.  A guide to help navigate all the advice out there and yield good results for you. Edie starts us off at the top of the hour…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: March 17, 2019

Happy St. Patrick’s Day; Bob’s guest in-studio was John Schuster of Wild Wing Company; john has developed deep expertise in owls and other raptors specifically as pest control for gardens and vineyards.   John brings his expertise regularly to our program and is our go-to source for carnivorous birds. Hour El Numero Dos starts off…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: March 10, 2019

We had no guest this fine spring morning — the better to accommodate all your calls! We take calls from the 9 bay area counties and beyond; America’s Happy Gardener is on the air! Once again Edie Tanem is on-site with this weeks’ burgeoning edition of Stuff for Gardeners To Do; things happening all up…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: March 3, 2019

At 8:30, our guest was Jeff Cox, author of Gardening with Biochar, and advocate in general for this unique garden amendment.  Jeff starts off by helping us understand what Biochar is, as opposed to just ash from charcoal, for example. Edie Tanem starts off this hour with another edition of Thing To Get Your Gardener…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: February 24, 2019

Bob opened the show up for calls both hours, no guest today: Nobody but us chickens!  And lots of calls from gardeners around the region who need help with their gardens and yards! Hour #2 starts with Edie Tanem and her list of things going on in the gardening world, all around the Bay Area…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: February 17, 2019

Our guest at 8:30 was Tom Perlette of the 67th Annual Pacific Orchid Exposition; this years’ theme is “Orchids of the Enchanted Forest.” The show, in San Francisco at the Hall of Flowers, runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday, February 22nd through the 24th; there will be a gala preview on the evening of February 21.…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: February 10, 2019

This morning’s show is all about the callers, as the rain abates and hints of spring are in the air; people are both catching up on late pruning or getting ready for their spring gardens — either way, its lots of questions for America’s Happy Gardener, Bob Tanem! Our calls overflowed the top of the…MORE