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September 18: VIDEO – Ilhan Omar PARTIES on 9/11

GET THIS WOMAN OUT OF OFFICE Ilhan Omar partied on the anniversary of 9/11 because she believes ““Some People Just Did Somethings” President Trump was bashed for playing golf On MLK day but it’s okay for Omar to party? RT so everyone can see this 👉 #IlhanOmarisMustGo — Terrence K. Williams (@w_terrence) September 16,…MORE

September 17: PHOTOS – President Trump’s New Mexico Rally!!!

We are all united by the same love of Country, the same devotion to family, and the same profound faith that America is blessed by the eternal grace of ALMIGHTY GOD! Bound by these convictions, we will campaign for every vote & we will WIN the Great State of NEW MEXICO in 2020! —…MORE