Heard on the KSFO Morning Show

May 15: Raybern’s Delicious BBQ Sandwiches!

With warm, thick, fresh and delicious bread that cooks up “bakery soft” right in the microwave combined with all that thinly-sliced, richly-seasoned beef, drizzled with just the right amount of melted American cheese—it’s really no contest.  Check out the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich at Raybern’s

May 14: CopsDirect.org with Aaron Negherbon!

AARON NEGHERBON, His focus with Cops Direct has been whittled down to one key item as he recognized the need. They’re called DOK’s – short for Downed Officer Kits. These specialized first-aid kits allow for immediate treatment of traumatic injuries during the “Golden Hour,” the time frame following an accident or purposeful injury that, if treatment is…

May 14: Elaine Magee Talks Salad Synergies

Salad Synergy Tips: Increase the amount of nutrients and antioxidants absorbedfrom the produce in your salad (i.e. tomatoes, dark leafy green, carrots) by including foods containing good fats–like avocados, nuts or extra virgin olive oil! Increase the amount of plant-based iron you absorbby combining iron-containing plant foods (spinach, kale, lentils, tofu) in a salad with foods…