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Space junk mission leads 2017 rocket launches

(CNN) – Space needs cleaning if costly catastrophic collisions are to be avoided, scientists warn.Several litter-picking ideas to remove space junk from Earth orbit, including a net, a harpoon andMORE

What your emojis say about you

(CNN) – Whether you like it or not, cartoon faces, stomping flamenco dancers and applauding hands have now entered your social life, albeit digitally.While they once may have been novel or cute, tMORE

Surprised by a medical bill? Here’s what to do

(CNN) – In 2013, Kelly A. Kyanko gave birth to her second son. During labor, her doctors became aware of “a very small complication,” she said — nothing too concerning, but doctors wanted a pediatriMORE

Colic study stirs prickly debate on acupuncture

(CNN) – The shrill sobs just won’t stop.Although some bawling is normal for babies, excessive crying for more than three hours a day, lasting more than three days a week, might be a sign that a doMORE