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More than 120 cases of lung disease in 15 states could be linked to vaping

At least 15 states have identified more than 120 cases of lung disease or injury that could be linked to vaping, a CNN survey of state health departments has found. States with the most cases include Wisconsin, with 15 confirmed cases and 15 more under investigation. Illinois has 10 confirmed cases, while 12 more are…MORE

Mother dies of Ebola in Congo’s South Kivu province, baby under care

A 24-year-old woman has died after contracting Ebola in the South Kivu province in the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to the World Health Organization. Her 7-month-old son, who is also confirmed to be infected with the Ebola virus, is┬áreceiving treatment, WHO said on Twitter on Friday. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the patients…MORE

New treatment approved for drug-resistant tuberculosis

The US Food and Drug Administration approved a new treatment for highly drug-resistant tuberculosis, offering new hope in the fight against the world’s most deadly infectious disease. TB most affects the lungs and can be particularly difficult to treat. Drug-resistant strains are on the increase due to incomplete and challenging courses of treatment that last…MORE

FDA reveals proposed graphic warnings for cigarette packs and ads

Warning labels on cigarette packages could soon be more graphic, warning that “Smoking reduces blood flow to the limbs, which can require amputation,” and “Smoking causes bladder cancer, which can lead to bloody urine.” The US Food and Drug Administration on Thursday issued a proposed rule that requires tobacco companies to place new graphic health…MORE

‘It is raining plastic’: Scientists find colorful microplastic in rain

It’s raining plastic — that’s what a survey of rainfall in Denver and Boulder, Colorado, concluded recently. The rainfall survey, titled “It is raining plastic,” was put together by scientists at the US Department of the Interior and US Geological Survey. They couldn’t see the plastic with their naked eyes, but found it using a…MORE