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Mad Cow Disease Fast Facts

(CNN) – Here’s a look at Mad Cow Disease, a fatal brain disease found in cattle. Facts:It has been linked to a fatal brain disease in humans called variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD).TheMORE

Conjoined Twins Fast Facts

(CNN) – Here’s some background information about conjoined twins.Conjoined twins are physically connected to one another at some point on their bodies.About 70% of conjoined twins are female.MORE

Surprising factors that may keep you thin

(CNN) – Have you ever wondered why some people seem to stay trim effortlessly, while the majority of Americans struggle with their weight? Sure, genetics and a healthy lifestyle play a large role,MORE

Memes lead to teenage obesity, lawmakers told

(CNN) – It’s been a bad few weeks for memes.In mid-September the European Parliament passed a new copyright law that some have dubbed a “meme ban.”Then Sweden’s advertising watchdog ruled thatMORE