US government is investigating the chicken industry

The US government, as part of an investigation into the chicken industry, is trying to intervene in a price-fixing lawsuit brought against the country’s biggest poultry producers. The Justice Department had notified Tyson in April that it convened a grand jury and subpoenaed the company to provide evidence. On Friday, department lawyers asked a judge…MORE

Knicks fined $50,000 for banning newspaper from news conference

The New York Knicks were fined $50,000 by the NBA on Monday for violating league rules regarding equal access for members of the media. The violation took place Friday, the day after the 2019 draft. A reporter from the New York Daily News was banned from the introductory news conference for the team’s two new…MORE

Wayfair workers plan walkout in protest of company’s bed sales to migrant camps

Employees for the online retailer Wayfair say they plan a walkout from company headquarters Wednesday in protest of the company selling furniture to migrant detention facilities. According to a woman identifying herself as an employee of the company, Wayfair employees learned last week that an order for about $200,000 worth of bedroom furniture was placed…MORE

Delta allows passengers to Dominican Republic to cancel their flights

Delta Air Lines is giving passengers to one of the Dominican Republic’s airports the right to change or cancel tickets without the usual penalty. The flights covered by the waiver are those going to and from Punta Cana, on the eastern tip of the Island, where several American tourists have died in the last year.…MORE

San Francisco passes ban on e-cigarette sales, a US first

San Francisco will become the first US city to effectively ban e-cigarette sales, after the city’s board of supervisors unanimously voted in favor of an ordinance Tuesday. The ordinance says “no person shall sell or distribute an electronic cigarette to a person in San Francisco” unless that product has undergone premarket review by the US…MORE

Hubble Space Telescope spots ‘soccer balls’ in space

The Hubble Space Telescope has identified soccer ball-shaped molecules amid the gas and dust that fills the space beyond our solar system and between other star systems. That space is known as the interstellar medium or ISM, and Hubble is exposing some of the mysterious electrically charged molecules within it. A recently published study in…MORE