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Synthetic DNA could help with search for alien life

Scientists have long suggested that if life exists beyond Earth, the processes behind it may be entirely different from everything we know. On Thursday, researchers announced that they were able to create a DNA-like molecular system that can store and transmit information. It’s not a life form, but the genetic system represents what an alternative…MORE

World’s largest bee spotted for the first time since 1981

The Wallace’s giant bee is as big as a human thumb. That might be frightening to most people, but scientists were delighted when a team of researchers recently found it in Indonesia. It’s the largest bee in the world, and scientists feared it might be extinct — until now. A group of researchers made a…MORE

Tiny tyrannosaur fossil discovery changes the dinosaur timeline

Tyrannosaurus rex wasn’t always the king of the dinosaurs. Before they became towering predators, tyrannosaurs started out much smaller, and a newly discovered fossil is helping fill the gap between those two extremes. The fossil findings are detailed in a study published Thursday in Communications Biology. The dinosaur fossil was found in Utah, where it…MORE

These portraits of young women in Haiti offer glimpses into their daily struggles

Through images of mostly somber young women holding water bottles, onions and Ziploc bags of rice and black beans, photographer Nadia Todres shows the world Haiti’s silent sufferers. Through her lens, Todres wants to highlight Haitians’ daily struggles that go unnoticed in the media, which has tended to focus on images of the violent anti-government…MORE

Meet Hippocamp, Neptune’s new moon

For the first time in decades, a new tiny moon has been found in orbit around the gas giant Neptune, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Nature. Hippocamp, now known as Neptune’s smallest moon, is named for the sea monster from Greek mythology, said to have a fish’s tail attached to a…MORE

Citizen scientist discovers ancient astrophysical object

A volunteer citizen scientist working with a NASA project has found the coldest, oldest-known white dwarf, and it’s surrounded by rings of dust and debris, according to a study published Tuesday in The Astrophysical Journal Letters. Researchers believe it may be the first white dwarf known to have multiple rings. A white dwarf is what’s…MORE

What’s the weather on Mars? InSight can tell you every day

If daily weather forecasts for your part of the world weren’t enough, now you can get the weather report from Mars, thanks to NASA’s InSight stationary lander. Beginning Tuesday, InSight will provide a daily weather report everyone can see. The report shares temperature, wind and air pressure recorded by the lander. It’s winter on Mars…MORE

New sky survey reveals hundreds of thousands of galaxies

The radio signals of almost 300,000 sources have finally reached Earth, and most of them are previously unknown galaxies from the distant universe. More than 200 astronomers in 18 countries created a radio sky survey using the Low Frequency Array telescope, known as LOFAR. The first phase of this major survey was published this week,…MORE