Puppy Love


December 7, 2018: Emi!

Emi ID  40294005 Age 3Y 0M Weight 17lbs. 10oz. Gender Female Breed Beagle Mix Personality Delicate Flower Are you looking for a sweet lap-gal-dog? Then look no further! Emi is keen to warm up the lap of each and every one she meets! Are you a champion ear scritch and scratcher? If not, Emi is very happy to let you practice,…MORE


November 30, 2018: Sunshine!

Sunshine ID  19403434 Age 5Y 10M Weight 11lbs. Gender Female Breed Chihuahua, Short Coat Mix Personality Delicate Flower LIke her namesake, Sunshine is going to offer some lucky adopters the warmth that soothes. She’s sweet and cautious; yet warm with all the people she meets. Sunshine hasn’t spent much time interacting with other dogs, but if you’re game to show…MORE


November 16, 2018: Fergus!

Fergus ID  38962321 Age 5Y 4M Weight 59lbs. 8oz. Gender Male Breed Border Collie Mix Personality Social Butterfly Friendly Fergus is focusing on being first in the heart of new adopters! He’s eagerly learning new tricks and commands and is hoping to continue that trend. Fergus loves life and will wag his tail at everybody he meets. With energy to spare, he’ll…MORE


November 9, 2018: Dobby!

Dobby ID  39781413 Age 3Y 1M Weight 94lbs. 13oz. Gender Male Breed Retriever, Labrador, Terrier, Pit Bull Personality Social Butterfly Dobby would like you to know he is not an elf! In fact, he (and we) are not really sure what he is, except for exceptional! What a darling dog. Dobby loves to go for walks and explore all the sights…MORE


November 2, 2018: Camilla!

Camilla ID  39897030 Age 1Y 0M Weight 68lbs. 5oz. Gender Female Breed  Terrier, Pit Bull Mix Personality Delicate Flower Camilla, is no shrinking flower, that’s fur sure! What a great, friendly pup. Camilla likes to play with other goofy pups as often as possible. She’s eager to meet new people, but likes to go slow in the beginning. Once she’s figured…MORE


October 26, 2018: Benny!

Benny ID  39925265 Age 4M Weight 24lbs. 5oz. Gender Male Breed Shepherd Mix Personality Puppies Benny was found in the middle of rural nowhere close to Kings County. He was emaciated, riddled with puncture wounds, and dripping pus from his neck. His head was so swollen that he could barely hold his head up, and yet he came running, tail wagging, towards…MORE


October 19, 2018: Sirenian!

Sirenian ID  39631501 Age 5Y 1M Weight 28lbs. 11oz. Gender Male Breed Welsh Corgi, Pembroke, Dachshund, Standard Smooth Haired Personality Delicate Flower A sirenian, or sea cow, is a fully aquatic animal. Our pup Sirenian hasn’t let us know yet whether he loves the water too. He does love being with other dogs and he definitely would like to have a…MORE


October 12, 2018: Gracie!

Gracie ID  35404461 Age 6Y 4M Weight 88lbs. 3oz. Gender Female Breed Retriever, Labrador Mix Personality The Great Explorer Goofy gregarious Gracie! She is so full of energy and excitement she just can’t contain it! She is so good -natured and happy that its infectious, and she is sure to brighten the life of the lucky person that gets to take her…MORE


October 5, 2018: Sue!

Sue ID  39725634 Age 10M Weight 41lbs. 14oz. Gender Female Breed  Terrier, Pit Bull Mix Personality The Great Explorer Sue is my name, running is my game! Are you a runner? Do you want a really cute, fun partner? I’m your gal; really I am! I love nothing better than to run and chase balls and have a good time with my…MORE


September 28, 2018: Lolly!!

Lolly ID  39591854 Age 3Y 0M Weight 13lbs. 3oz. Gender Female Breed Terrier Mix Personality Delicate Flower Good golly, Miss Lolly! What a darling sweetheart of a pup. Lolly will have you smiling and giggling in the first few seconds as you meet her. She’s learning quickly about all the strange city things, like stairs and elevators, and cool breezes ruffling…MORE


September 21, 2018: Sumo!

Sumo ID  39512173 Age 3Y 0M Weight 55lbs. 2oz. Gender Male Breed  Chinese Shar-Pei Mix Personality Delicate Flower The characters for sumo literally mean “striking each other.” Our Sumo, the handsome, mellow dog, has told us he is against violence of any sort. However, he is a striking doggo! Sumo is pro-calm, pro-quiet, pro-cute, and pro-cuddle. This sweet pup is looking…MORE