Puppy Love


June 21: Wilson!

Wilson ID: 41275347 Age: 1Y 2M Weight: 48lbs. 8oz. Gender: Male Breed: Pointer Mix Personality: The Great Explorer He is named after a sporting company because he loves being outside and on an adventure. Meet Wilson, a handsome guy in search of an active home to live in. Wilson is an energetic boy who loves being outside and getting lots of…MORE


June 14, 2019: Raymond!

Raymond ID  41639235 Age 1Y 1M Weight 55lbs. 2oz. Gender Male Breed Terrier, Pit Bull Mix Personality The Great Explorer Raymond is ready to give Winnie the Pooh’s Tigger a bouncy run for his money. A super friendly and happy fellow, Raymond loves to get outside and play. He has tons of energy and will make someone the very best running,…MORE


June 7, 2019: Gamby!

Gamby ID  40322642 Age 10Y 6M Weight 70lbs. 8oz. Gender Male Breed Boxer Mix Personality Social Butterfly Gamby is a big, black and tan fellow who is always happy to have a visit. He has a stubby tail that he wants to wag, but since it is so short he ends up shaking his whole butt instead. It is adorable to…MORE


May 31, 2019: Suki!!

Suki ID  41729637 Age 2Y 0M Weight 37lbs. 8oz. Gender Female Breed Siberian Husky Mix Personality The Great Explorer Hi, my name is Suki! I’m full of love to give, and I promise you’ll have a great time with me. I’m very eager to learn and explore the world, and am very affectionate with people- many describe me as a sweetheart.…MORE


May 17, 2019: Chuck and Nikki!

Chuck ID  23143348 Age 8Y 10M Weight 72lbs. 13oz. Gender Male Breed Shepherd Mix Activity Level Medium Personality Social Butterfly Bonded With Nikki Chuck and Nikki are a bonded pair. Chuck’s best friend is Nikki and both of them love to hang out together. Chuck is known to be a silly and loving companion. He is good with other dogs and social with…MORE


May 10, 2019: Jules!

Jules ID  40037002 Age 2Y 6M Weight 55lbs. 2oz. Gender Male Breed Terrier, Pit Bull Mix Personality Social Butterfly His name is Jules and he is named after his favorite author Jules Verne. Jules is a happy boy who love nothing more than to hang out indoors with you, and while he may not always want to take a ‘Journey to…MORE


May 3, 2019: Brook!

Brook ID: 41357640 Age: 2M Weight: 11lbs. Gender: Male Breed: Australian Cattle Dog Mix Personality: Puppies I’m a curious pup looking for adopters who will commit to continuing my puppy education and socialization. Ready for a home with snuggles and playtime and lots of puppy-love, I would love to attend puppy socials and meet other young dogs to grow in skills…MORE


April 26, 2019: Redmond!

Redmond ID  41330826 Age 1Y 0M Weight 19lbs. 13oz. Gender Male Breed Basenji Mix Personality Delicate Flower Redmond can’t wait to explore. He’s definitely interested in the world, all the sights and sounds, around him. Siffing, listening and watching everything he can, he just seems delighted by the adventure of it all. This happy fellow likes to play with other pups…MORE


April 19, 2019: Sadie!

Sadie ID  39145268 Age 1Y 0M Weight 63lbs. 14oz. Gender Female Breed Shepherd  Siberian Husky Personality The Great Explorer Hi! I’m Sadie and I’m an action-packed, exuberant lady! Do you like going hiking and exploring and being active? I’m down! Want to take me to the dog park? I’m good at romping with other dogs! I get excited about everything! I…MORE


April 12, 2019: Charlie!

Charlie ID  39761481 Age 6Y 6M Weight 55lbs. 2oz. Gender Male Breed Retriever, Labrador Mix Personality  The Great Explorer He knows “sit.” He knows “down.” He knows where to “do his business” appropriately. And this pup, Charlie, is the cutest and smartest, fellow you are likely to ever meet. A very active dog, Charlie, likes to show off all his talents…MORE


April 5, 2019: Hercules!

Hercules ID  40991816 Age 2Y 1M Weight 81lbs. 10oz. Gender Male Breed Shepherd Mix Personality Country Canine Ah, Hercules. He’s a strong boy and he’s super new to the city. He’s being as brave as possible, but the sights, sounds and the unexpected are a challenge to get used to. Hercules is happy to have visits and he’s getting up the…MORE