Puppy Love


August 17, 2018: Bernie!

Bernie ID  39145892 Age 11M Weight 50lbs. 11oz. Gender Male Breed Shepherd Mix Personality The Great Explorer Bernie, a young and active pooch, is eager to shake hands (paws) with everyone he meets. He’s definitely a positive, everyone is equal and deserves all my love, kind of guy! He’s active and will happily go on the (campaign) trail to share this…MORE


August 10, 2018: Iris!!

Iris ID  39206846 Age 4Y 0M Weight 50lbs. 11oz. Gender Female Breed Terrier, Pit Bull Personality Social Butterfly Perhaps you are aware that there are over 300 species of iris (flowers) in the world. We are confident that we have the most beautiful and well-behaved one on the planet! Iris (our pup) is super sweet, super fun, super smart, super lovable,…MORE


August 3, 2018: Frank!

Frank ID  38897354 Age 3Y 1M Weight 63lbs. 14oz. Gender Male Breed Shepherd Mix Personality Social Butterfly Okay, it’s been just a few short days since I arrived here in San Francisco. May I be Frank with you? No, really, I’d like to be myself (Frank’s the name, honesty’s the game!) and not play coy. I’m a bit nervous about all…MORE


July 27, 2018: Shelby!

Shelby ID  26999359 Age 6Y 3M Weight 39lbs. 11oz. Gender Female Breed Welsh Corgi, Pembroke Mix Personality Delicate Flower Shelby has tons of love to give (way more than she needs) and she would adore being your constant companion. Shelby likes to take new things slow and hope her forever folks will give her the time, affection, care, and space to…MORE


July 20, 2018: Snoopy!

Snoopy ID  38580437 Age 2Y 2M Weight 59lbs. 8oz. Gender Male Breed Retriever, Labrador Mix Personality The Great Explorer Have you heard of “happy tail?” Well Snoopy, here, has a whole happy body! He’s got energy to spare and would love to share it with you! He’s an Ace when it comes to loving time with people and he looks forward to…MORE


July 13, 2018: Einstein!

Einstein ID  38887032 Age 1Y 0M Weight 57lbs. 5oz. Gender Male Breed Retriever, Labrador Mix Personality  The Great Explorer Einstein is, of course, super smart! Albert Einstein is quoted to say that if you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree, it’ll always feel stupid. Our Einstein is doggy smart and can’t wait to do some scientific research…MORE


June 29, 2018: Fargo!

Fargo ID  38241674 Age 3Y 2M Weight 63lbs. 14oz. Gender Male Breed Shepherd Mix Personality Social Butterfly The Farg, as he is affectionately known, is a capital fellow! He’ll make some lucky adopter a true blue sidekick. Farg likes to play fetch and is smart; looking forward to opportunities to learn and grow into a real “tricks” dog. Particular about meeting…MORE


June 22, 2018: Dave!

Dave ID  38375284 Age 2Y 1M Weight 75lbs. Gender Male Breed Great Dane Mix Personality Social Butterfly Dave? Dave’s not here! He’s out wowing the people he meets with his happy, go-go attitude. Just joking: Dave really is here and he’s eager to meet you and to find his new forever home. Dave is devoted to his people and like most…MORE


June 15, 2018: Dakota!

Dakota ID  38358488 Age 7Y 1M Weight 61lbs. 11oz. Gender Male Breed Shepherd Mix Personality Social Butterfly Dakota is a gentle giant! He can’t help but make friends everywhere he goes. He makes a great walking partner and if you stop, he will probably give your hand a gentle nudge to remind you he is still there! He would love to…MORE


June 8, 2018: Zev!

Zev ID  38338097 Age 5Y 1M Weight 57lbs. 5oz. Gender Male Breed Shepherd Mix Personality Social Butterfly Zev is one handsome dude- sparkly white coat, long lanky legs, and bright amber eyes! Don’t let that “long face” fool you! He’s got one of the best attitudes we’ve ever seen- upbeat, enthusiastic, and goofy- and also the greatest boopable nose (we have…MORE


June 1, 2018: Macadoo!

Macadoo ID  38343161 Age 2Y 1M Weight 57lbs. 5oz. Gender Male Breed Terrier, Pit Bull Mix Personality The Great Explorer Come say “hi” to Macadoo! He’s a friendly, fun loving fella that can’t wait to meet you. Macadoo would love to go home with active adopters who can give him plenty of daily mental and physical exercise, as well as chances to…MORE