Puppy Love


August 16, 2019: Snowdrop!

Snowdrop ID  38609557 Age 5Y 2M Weight 8lbs. 13oz. Gender Female Breed Maltese Mix Personality Social Butterfly She is more like a snowflake since she looks so delicate. Meet Snowdrop, a little bundle of love who will give you a welcome wet nose kiss when you meet her as she makes her way to your lap. Snowdrop is easy to leash…MORE


August 9, 2019: Gucci!

Gucci ID  42270012 Age 8Y 0M Weight 88lbs. 3oz. Gender Male Breed Terrier, Pit Bull Mix People will think you have hit the jackpot when you have Gucci on your arm. This big, solidly built boy is a charmer who has his goofy side that will keep you smiling. Gucci is a good leash walker. He loves his time outdoors…MORE


August 2, 2019: Ziggy!

Ziggy ID  41858887 Age 2Y 1M Weight 66lbs. 2oz. Gender Male Breed Bulldog, American Mix Give a big hello to Ziggy! This big, energetic boy is as solid as they come. True to his name he likes to zig, and zag, when on walks so he can check out everything in his path. Ziggy is super cuddly and he adores…MORE


July 26, 2019: Andre!!

Andre ID  42272446 Age 2Y 6M Weight 50lbs. 11oz. Gender Male Breed Alaskan Husky Mix He isn’t a giant, but he might wrestle with you for fun. Meet Andre, a handsome fellow who is chock full of energy and love. This boy is working on his doggy manners and he is making progress. It is a little harder for one…MORE


July 26, 2019: Roco and Sugar Bear!

These bonded one year old Poms are the sweetest lovies.  Though they adore each other, they have plenty of love to give their new family. Roco loves walks and will happily strut up to strangers to introduce himself, then come right back to check in on you.  His sister, Sugar Bear, is dependent on Roco…MORE


July 19, 2019: Forrest!

Forrest ID:  41752390 Age:  7Y 1M Weight:  68lbs. 5oz. Gender:  Male Breed:  German Shepherd Mix Personality:  The Great Explorer This adorable fellow is named Forrest and you can see him from the trees. Forrest has one bent ear to make himself stand out from all the other canines. He is a very sweet boy who loves being active and hasn’t met…MORE


July 12, 2019: Leah!

Leah ID  41847357 Age 5Y 1M Weight 81lbs. 10oz. Gender Female Breed Mastiff Mix This gentle giant is named Leah. She is such a special girl and the staff all love her. Leah does great on walks and she is very much a people dog. She wants to meet them all and possibly give them a little bit of dog…MORE


June 28, 2019: Luna!

Luna ID  41901592 Age 4Y 0M Weight 59lbs. 8oz. Gender Female Breed Border Collie Mix Hi, I’m Luna. I’m new to San Francisco and I am finding it quite exotic and exciting. I am eager to learn more, but I do get sidetracked when I see other dogs and fast moving things. I much prefer quieter, low traffic areas where…MORE


June 21: Wilson!

Wilson ID: 41275347 Age: 1Y 2M Weight: 48lbs. 8oz. Gender: Male Breed: Pointer Mix Personality: The Great Explorer He is named after a sporting company because he loves being outside and on an adventure. Meet Wilson, a handsome guy in search of an active home to live in. Wilson is an energetic boy who loves being outside and getting lots of…MORE


June 14, 2019: Raymond!

Raymond ID  41639235 Age 1Y 1M Weight 55lbs. 2oz. Gender Male Breed Terrier, Pit Bull Mix Personality The Great Explorer Raymond is ready to give Winnie the Pooh’s Tigger a bouncy run for his money. A super friendly and happy fellow, Raymond loves to get outside and play. He has tons of energy and will make someone the very best running,…MORE


June 7, 2019: Gamby!

Gamby ID  40322642 Age 10Y 6M Weight 70lbs. 8oz. Gender Male Breed Boxer Mix Personality Social Butterfly Gamby is a big, black and tan fellow who is always happy to have a visit. He has a stubby tail that he wants to wag, but since it is so short he ends up shaking his whole butt instead. It is adorable to…MORE