Puppy Love


April 19, 2019: Sadie!

Sadie ID  39145268 Age 1Y 0M Weight 63lbs. 14oz. Gender Female Breed Shepherd  Siberian Husky Personality The Great Explorer Hi! I’m Sadie and I’m an action-packed, exuberant lady! Do you like going hiking and exploring and being active? I’m down! Want to take me to the dog park? I’m good at romping with other dogs! I get excited about everything! I…MORE


April 12, 2019: Charlie!

Charlie ID  39761481 Age 6Y 6M Weight 55lbs. 2oz. Gender Male Breed Retriever, Labrador Mix Personality  The Great Explorer He knows “sit.” He knows “down.” He knows where to “do his business” appropriately. And this pup, Charlie, is the cutest and smartest, fellow you are likely to ever meet. A very active dog, Charlie, likes to show off all his talents…MORE


April 5, 2019: Hercules!

Hercules ID  40991816 Age 2Y 1M Weight 81lbs. 10oz. Gender Male Breed Shepherd Mix Personality Country Canine Ah, Hercules. He’s a strong boy and he’s super new to the city. He’s being as brave as possible, but the sights, sounds and the unexpected are a challenge to get used to. Hercules is happy to have visits and he’s getting up the…MORE


March 29, 2019: Melvin!

Melvin ID   40649540 Age 10Y 2M Weight  77lbs. 3oz. Gender  Male Breed Bulldog Mix Personality  Ease-On Down the Road Melvin is a big handsome fellow who has seen it all. This sweet boy takes life as it comes and seems unfazed by pretty much anything. He is always happy to meet people and his tail thumps the wall like a…MORE


March 15, 2019: Clover!

Clover ID  39700975 Age 11Y 5M Weight 46lbs. 5oz. Gender Female Breed Terrier, Pit Bull Mix Personality Ease-On Down the Road You will be feeling lucky when you find Clover. She doesn’t have four leaves, but she does have four legs. Clover can’t hear you, but she loves to gaze into your eyes giving you the chance to fall completely in…MORE


March 8, 2019: Roscoe!

Roscoe ID  40992131 Age 4Y 0M Weight 70lbs. 8oz. Gender Male Breed Retriever Mix Personality Social ButterflyMORE


March 1, 2019: Dwight!

Dwight ID  39541417 Age 1Y 6M Weight 46lbs. 5oz. Gender Male Breed Terrier, Pit Bull Mix Personality The Great Explorer This super energetic fellow is named Dwight. He is probably one of the most exuberant dogs you will ever meet and he loves staying active. Dwight is loaded with love, as well as energy. He likes playing tug-o-war and he almost…MORE


February 22, 2019: Ava!

Ava ID  40345338 Age 4Y 2M Weight 41lbs. 14oz. Gender Female Breed Siberian Husky Mix Personality Head of the Class This pretty black and white girl comes with one brown and one blue eye to make herself stand out. Her name is Ava and you will love her. She is a snap to take on walks where she does well meeting…MORE


February 15, 2019: Maya!

Maya ID  40379134 Age 6Y 2M Weight 46lbs. 5oz. Gender Female Breed German Shepherd Mix Personality Social Butterfly She is named after an ancient civilization, but there is nothing old and stuffy about this active girl. Meet Maya, a bouncy girl who is loaded with love and energy. Maya loves being active and she will always be ready to take you…MORE


February 8, 2019: Rico!

Rico ID  40515068 Age 2Y 1M Weight 55lbs. 2oz. Gender Male Breed Alaskan Husky Mix Personality The Great Explorer This fun loving boy is called Rico. He is one bundle of energy who loves taking walks and having long play sessions in the park. Rico is easy to leash up for walks and he almost has the game fetch figured out.…MORE