Puppy Love


October 12, 2018: Gracie!

Gracie ID  35404461 Age 6Y 4M Weight 88lbs. 3oz. Gender Female Breed Retriever, Labrador Mix Personality The Great Explorer Goofy gregarious Gracie! She is so full of energy and excitement she just can’t contain it! She is so good -natured and happy that its infectious, and she is sure to brighten the life of the lucky person that gets to take her…MORE


October 5, 2018: Sue!

Sue ID  39725634 Age 10M Weight 41lbs. 14oz. Gender Female Breed  Terrier, Pit Bull Mix Personality The Great Explorer Sue is my name, running is my game! Are you a runner? Do you want a really cute, fun partner? I’m your gal; really I am! I love nothing better than to run and chase balls and have a good time with my…MORE


September 28, 2018: Lolly!!

Lolly ID  39591854 Age 3Y 0M Weight 13lbs. 3oz. Gender Female Breed Terrier Mix Personality Delicate Flower Good golly, Miss Lolly! What a darling sweetheart of a pup. Lolly will have you smiling and giggling in the first few seconds as you meet her. She’s learning quickly about all the strange city things, like stairs and elevators, and cool breezes ruffling…MORE


September 21, 2018: Sumo!

Sumo ID  39512173 Age 3Y 0M Weight 55lbs. 2oz. Gender Male Breed  Chinese Shar-Pei Mix Personality Delicate Flower The characters for sumo literally mean “striking each other.” Our Sumo, the handsome, mellow dog, has told us he is against violence of any sort. However, he is a striking doggo! Sumo is pro-calm, pro-quiet, pro-cute, and pro-cuddle. This sweet pup is looking…MORE


September 14, 2018: Helena!

! Helena ID 39569678 Age: 3M Weight: 8lbs. 13oz. Gender: Female Breed: Pointer Mix I’m a curious pup looking for adopters that can commit to continuing my puppy education and socialization. I am ready for a home with snuggles and playtime and lots of puppy-love! I would love to attend puppy socials and meet other young dogs for fun and…MORE


September 7, 2018: Chuck!

Chuck ID 38897529 Age: 2Y 2M Weight: 46lbs. 5oz. Gender: Male Breed: Beagle Mix Personality: The Great Explorer This cute beagle mixed boy is named Chuck. He is a medium sized fellow who is quite solid in his build. Chuck is a very friendly guy who tries to make friends with all the other dogs he encounters when out for a…MORE


August 31, 2018: April!

April ID  39355920 Age 6Y 9M Weight 90lbs. 6oz. Gender Female Breed Retriever, Labrador Newfoundland Personality Ease-On Down the Road Right now every day seems a little like the first day of school for April. She’s getting her bearings and is calmly anticipating her new forever home. April hopes to shower her adopter/people with loads of her flowery, gentle affection! April enjoys…MORE


August 24, 2018: Willis!

Willis ID  19261778 Age 6Y 1M Weight 68lbs. 5oz. Gender Male Breed Boxer Mix Personality Social Butterfly Here’s what we are talking about: Willis! He’s a great fellow with lots of personality and loads of affection to share. Willis could not be a more perfect dog, if he tried! And he’s always trying to be his very best. Willis likes people…MORE


August 17, 2018: Bernie!

Bernie ID  39145892 Age 11M Weight 50lbs. 11oz. Gender Male Breed Shepherd Mix Personality The Great Explorer Bernie, a young and active pooch, is eager to shake hands (paws) with everyone he meets. He’s definitely a positive, everyone is equal and deserves all my love, kind of guy! He’s active and will happily go on the (campaign) trail to share this…MORE


August 10, 2018: Iris!!

Iris ID  39206846 Age 4Y 0M Weight 50lbs. 11oz. Gender Female Breed Terrier, Pit Bull Personality Social Butterfly Perhaps you are aware that there are over 300 species of iris (flowers) in the world. We are confident that we have the most beautiful and well-behaved one on the planet! Iris (our pup) is super sweet, super fun, super smart, super lovable,…MORE


August 3, 2018: Frank!

Frank ID  38897354 Age 3Y 1M Weight 63lbs. 14oz. Gender Male Breed Shepherd Mix Personality Social Butterfly Okay, it’s been just a few short days since I arrived here in San Francisco. May I be Frank with you? No, really, I’d like to be myself (Frank’s the name, honesty’s the game!) and not play coy. I’m a bit nervous about all…MORE