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What does the typical investor want when looking for a Financial Advisor? Some investors want to pursue maximum gains no matter if they incur heavy losses in the down cycles. Others feel they have adequate assets and simply don’t want to sustain heavy losses. Still others may want a combination of things to be provided by their Advisor. The point here is that everyone is different. Your DNA , your fingerprints, your voice and everything else that comes together to form a human being is yours and yours alone you are different and unique, there is no other person just like you. That is why the retirement plans we structure for each client is built around your wants, needs and concerns. They are designed to meet each particular client’s objectives.

Many financial advisors focus only on helping you accumulate assets. Our job is to help you look forward and plan ahead to cut future tax bills, avoid unwanted risks, set up reliable income streams and help you avoid financial problems in your retirement years and your estate plan.

Bruce Gray, the founder of GPC, began in the financial services industry in the year of 1966 at a very young age. During his early years Bruce was guided by managers with many various ideas and formulas designed to sell a product. His employment history included management positions with several major companies and provided Bruce with a decent income and living conditions. During his employment by one of the largest companies in America Bruce increasing became dissatisfied by the manner of doing business whereby a person seeks to be a person and becomes a number or basically a commodity of that company. He made the decision to retire and started his own firm in 1983 with the goal of not just making a living but designing a company based on the principles of the Golden Rule. Ted Porter was one of the very first employees and now is also a principle of the company.

From that day to the present a client with GPC is always treated with dignity and respect. We take the time and effort to dig down and find what the client wants and then fashion a plan that provides the best solution for the client. On rare occasions a client’s desires exceed their capabilities. At those times, with empathy and honesty, we lay out what is possible to obtain. We are and have been Fiduciaries for years and do what is in the Best Interest for each client.

GPC works with a network of hundreds of advisors that collaborate frequently on strategies and techniques to better serve our valued clients. We have access to attorneys, accountants as well as the largest financial institutions in the world to best serve each and every person each and every time. You are not a number to us but rather a living breathing person. Give us a call or visit our website and see how nice that can feel.

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Ted Porter, Executive Vice President

Ted Porter is a principal at GPC Financial Services, LLC located in Walnut Creek, Calif. — a company that focuses primarily on the needs and concerns of the mature client. Ted has worked in the financial services industry for more than 23 years — with a primary focus to educate and empower individuals with financial strategies that provide safety as well as growth and tax advantages. For more information about Ted Porter click here.

Bruce Gray, Financial Advisor

Bruce Gray is a Financial Advisor with a focus directed towards helping the mature person keep what they have acquired, while obtaining gains that will exceed inflation and to pay the least amount of taxes legally possible. He strongly believes in working with a limited number of clients while providing the highest level of service to those clients! For more information about Bruce click here.

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