November 2, 2018: Camilla!


ID  39897030
Age 1Y 0M
Weight 68lbs. 5oz.
Gender Female
Breed  Terrier, Pit Bull Mix
Personality Delicate Flower

Camilla, is no shrinking flower, that’s fur sure! What a great, friendly pup. Camilla likes to play with other goofy pups as often as possible. She’s eager to meet new people, but likes to go slow in the beginning. Once she’s figured out you’re legit, she’s happy to give and receive lots of love. A lap dog in a big, rambunctious body, Camilla will be delighted to continue learning how to walk politely on leash and greet people nicely. This frolicking good girl is waiting for her chance to go home to her final, forever and ever home soon.


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