July 19, 2019: Forrest!


ID:  41752390
Age:  7Y 1M
Weight:  68lbs. 5oz.
Gender:  Male
Breed:  German Shepherd Mix
Personality:  The Great Explorer

This adorable fellow is named Forrest and you can see him from the trees. Forrest has one bent ear to make himself stand out from all the other canines. He is a very sweet boy who loves being active and hasn’t met a tennis ball that could out run him yet. If you are lucky he will give it back to you or he just might keep it as a souvenir. He is happy to rest his head in your lap when it is time to cuddle and he will give you an occasional lick to make you feel special. This guy could be right for you. Come by to have a meet and greet with Forrest today.


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