August 2, 2019: Ziggy!


ID  41858887
Age 2Y 1M
Weight 66lbs. 2oz.
Gender Male
Breed Bulldog, American Mix

Give a big hello to Ziggy! This big, energetic boy is as solid as they come. True to his name he likes to zig, and zag, when on walks so he can check out everything in his path. Ziggy is super cuddly and he adores getting belly rubs where he can roll around in bliss as he gets them. Ziggy loves his treats and he is happy to take any surplus you have off your hands. He loves people and he is just delightful to be around. Ziggy wants to be the only dog in your family. If you want a strong, handsome man in your life then Ziggy is just the guy for you. Come by and get some belly rubbing fun with Ziggy today.


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