August 16, 2019: Snowdrop!


ID  38609557
Age 5Y 2M
Weight 8lbs. 13oz.
Gender Female
Breed Maltese Mix
Personality Social Butterfly

She is more like a snowflake since she looks so delicate. Meet Snowdrop, a little bundle of love who will give you a welcome wet nose kiss when you meet her as she makes her way to your lap. Snowdrop is easy to leash up for walks although she does tire out easily and usually needs to be carried the remainder of one. She weighs almost nothing so it isn’t an issue. Snowdrop enjoys playing with like sized doggy friends and she is happy to snuggle with you on the grass in the park. She is just such a sweet girl you will find her hard to resist. Come by and say hello to Snowdrop today.


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