September 27, 2019: Ariel!




Age 1 y; 11 m
Weight 44 lbs; 1 oz
Gender Female
Breed Mix Terrier, Pit Bull

More About Me

  • I’m spayed/neutered.
  • I’ve had my shots.
  • I’m microchipped

My Story: Ariel truly has a mighty PLAY-drive! Running, chasing, jumping, these are all staples in her repertoire! Bounding and twisting, turning on a dime, she’s growing her skills each time she’s out playing in the park. Are you looking for that tomboy girlfriend who can keep up with your active lifestyle? Are you looking for a loving gal to snuggle with at night and enjoy cups of cocoa (you) and chicken broth (her)? Then you will never find a better companion than Ariel! That tail of hers moves at warp speed and she will try and get as close as possible to you, even making a great effort to be a lap dog at times. Ariel loves getting out and about and she prefers to not see other dogs as much since they might try to take you away from her. She desires to be the only dog in your family. You will make bonus points with her by giving her a belly rub. Ariel is loaded with character and she is just a joy to be around – especially if you have some cheese? chicken? crackers? (She’s not that picky!)


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