December 6, 2019: Harvey!


Age 6 y
Weight 110 lbs; 3 oz
Gender Male
Breed Great Pyrenees Mix


More About Me

  • I’m spayed/neutered.
  • I’ve had my shots.
  • I’m microchipped

My Story

Harvey is a very big dog! He is a Great Pyrenees and appears to be an excellent example of the breed. He is large, thickly coated, mellow and protective. As you walk with him, he may step in front of you if he thinks something is suspicious. Being new to the city, that means he will be on watch quite a bit at first, but with time he will recognize that not every noise is a risk to you! Harvey really loves to just lay around and get lots of hugs and petting. He is very gentle and would be a good family dog. He need practice with stairs as they are new to him, but is always ready to ride an elevator!


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