Supreme Court Rejects Appeal From Woman Who Was Fined For Honking Horn

YouTube, @WISH-TV.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday upheld a California state law that bans honking vehicle horns – unless the motorist is trying to warn another driver.

Resident Susan Porter challenged the law after she was ticketed for honking as she drove by a rally outside her congressman’s office in 2017. In her appeal, Porter claimed horn honking is protected by the First Amendment, writing, “The car horn is the sound of democracy in action.” But the Supreme Court didn’t buy the argument and refused to review California’s no honking law, a spokesman says.

Although the infraction carries a fine of $238, Porter didn’t have to fork over a cent. It turns out the deputy who ticketed her didn’t show up in court, so her case was dismissed, according to court documents.


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