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Bob Tanem In The Garden: June 13, 2021

Our program airs live on KSFO each Sunday morning from 9 to 10 am Pacific time; it’s also available worldwide on our Live Stream. Here, America’s Happy Gardener Bob Tanem answers gardening questions from around the Bay Area and well beyond! This podcast edition has been edited to remove muscical interludes, for purposes of license…MORE

Bob Tanem In The Garden: June 6, 2021

Bob Tanem In The Garden is on the air; Sundays at 9:00 am on KSFO, on the radio and on the live stream!  Here’s the podcast of todays’ show — the first in June this year! — which has had the musical portions edited out per requirements. Gardeners from all over the Bay Area and…MORE

Bob Tanem In The Garden: May 30, 2021

Here we have a grade A gardening show on offer; Bob Tanem answers questions as America’s Happy Gardener. Callers in the SF Bay Area and beyond inquire as to their gardening ideas and issues. This podcast has been edited to remove musical elements per applicable requirements.MORE

Bob Tanem In The Garden: May 23, 2021

Bob Tanem is America’s Happy Gardener, and he’s out in the garden today for sure ’cause it’s a beautiful day in the Bay Area! Gardeners across the region call in for help, and Bob is willing and able to steer them to success and garden abundance. The musical elements have been trimmed from this podcast…MORE

Bob Tanem In The Garden: May 16, 2021

It’s the Bob Tanem In The Garden Radio show, live on KSFO 560 on Sunday mornings 9 to 10 am! This is a podcast replay of the live radio show from Sunday the 16th; we had callers from up and down the Bay Area and the lines were loaded much of the hour. Musical elements…MORE

Bob Tanem In The Garden: May 9, 2021

It’s springtime in The Bay Area, and it looks to Bob Tanem like we’ve pretty much had the rain we’re going to get. And so we go on from here; lawn or no lawn. Gardeners and would-be lawn owners alike call the show to talk to America’s Happy Gardener for expert local advice!MORE

Bob Tanem In The Garden: May 2, 2021

Happpy May! Our radio program is in full bloom on this fine spring day, and we’ve got the calls to prove it! A solid hour of Q&A with America’s Happy Gardener, Bob Tanem! This podcast has been edited to remove musical segments per licensing mandates.MORE

Bob Tanem In The Garden: April 25, 2021

Our guest in the first segment this morning was Steven Howard, who is an arborist with specialized expertise in palm trees; Steven is a certified arborist with Davey Tree company. We then proceeded to take calls this possibly rainy, spring Sunday morning on KSFO; the last live hour of local radio on this station! For…MORE

Bob Tanem In The Garden: April 18, 2021

Our show is chock full of springtime gardening advice; callers from across the bay area keep the lines full all hour with their questions, ideas and even solutions! This podcast has had the musical elements edited out; for the full version you’ll have to listen live from 9 to 10 am each Sunday on 560…MORE

Bob Tanem In The Garden: April 11, 2021

Bob Tanem is in the Garden on this fine spring morning, and we’ve got audio tape… erm, a digital podcast… to prove it! This recording of the live show that aired at 9:00 today has had the music removed to comply with necessary licensing.MORE

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