Ethan Bearman


With his nationally syndicated radio talk show, Ethan Bearman has quickly established himself as the voice of Generation X. Publisher of Talkers magazine, Michael Harrison, recently raved, “I have heard one of the major voices of talk radio’s future, and it emanates from a young man named Ethan Bearman.”

Savvy, witty and curious, Ethan unearths truths and upends the status quo with his razor sharp intellect and penetrating style. With a profound ability for taking the most complex topics and making them clear and fascinating, listeners clamor to hear his take on politics, science, technology, and current events.

Beyond radio, his columns and articles are published in Talkers magazine, Patch, Good Times, GCN Live, and the Santa Cruz Sentinel. His voice over talent can be heard in ads for Chill Out Café, ZBS Radio, and TECA Data Safe. And in his public speaking engagements, Ethan informs and inspires audiences with his enthusiasm and energetic presentation style. Most recently, Ethan was invited to join the broadcasting team at Hot Talk 560 KSFO in San Francisco, the top talk station in the number four radio market in the United States. From 4 to 7pm on Saturdays and Sundays, he offers his rapidly growing audience his unique take on local and statewide topics, in addition to interviews with thought leaders around the country.

Listed as one of Talkers magazine’s 2014 “Heavy Hundred,” it’s little wonder that Ethan Bearman’s popularity is skyrocketing, as are the demands for his time and talents.