Amb. Carla Sands to Newsmax: Ready to Fight as ‘America First’ Senator

Pennsylvania Senate GOP primary candidate Carla Sands came out swinging on Newsmax Saturday morning, saying she is the one person in the hotly contested race who is a vetted, trusted conservative who has already proven herself as an “America First” lawmaker.

“We’ve got a couple of people in this race, Kathy Barnette: Nobody knows who she is, and she’s running on identity politics,” Sands, a former ambassador to Denmark under former President Donald Trump, told “Saturday Report.” “We have [David] ‘Mitt Romney’ McCormick running in this race: He’s China first because he made billions in China.”

She saved her sharpest salvos for Dr. Mehmet Oz, who Trump has endorsed in the race over her and the other candidates. 

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