Brian Kemp Calls Idea of Atlanta Braves Name Change ‘Woke Cancel Culture’

Gov. Brian Kemp, R-Ga., said Sunday that any possibility of the Atlanta Braves changing their name is “woke cancel culture” and leftist values being pushed on his state.

Kemp told “Fox News Sunday” that “the Braves respect and honor Native Americans. We’ve had meetings in the governor’s office about that. This is just the woke cancel culture and really national values that are being tried to be pushed down to our state and other states around the country, which is why we have to stand up and fight for our values in the state of Georgia. That’s why this race is so important.

“Do you want to have a state going the way of the country right now with 40-year high inflation, bad domestic energy policy that’s created a crisis at the gas pump, a crisis at the border, where every governor in the country is dealing with runaway fentanyl coming into their states? That’s what I’ve been fighting against. I’ll continue to do that. We’ve been trying to help Georgians fight through 40-year high inflation by cutting taxes, suspending the gas tax. We want to do that in the future,” Kemp continued.

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