Chang, Fleitz to Newsmax: Emboldened China Might Be Seeking War

China’s flexing of its military muscle around Taiwan and the Philippines could be a sign war is on the horizon as Beijing has been emboldened by a weak U.S. administration, Gordon Chang and Fred Fleitz told Newsmax on Monday.

On Sunday, Taiwan’s military detected a buildup of forces along China’s Fujian Province, a coastal region bordering the Taiwan Strait. On Monday, the Philippines said it removed a 1,000-foot-long floating barrier installed by China to block Philippine fishing boats from entering the Scarborough Shoal, a contested area in the South China Sea.”

“China is fundamentally a weak state right now and I think that a lot of the military activities around Taiwan, and especially those at the Scarborough Shoal in the Philippines in the South China Sea, could very much lead to war because of the problems inside China,” Chang, author of “The Coming Collapse of China,” told “The Chris Salcedo Show.” “Xi Jinping needing an enemy and therefore engaging in what’s called a diversionary war.”

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