Clearest UFO Photo Ever Taken Released After 30 Years

One of the clearest UFO photos ever taken, which was shot by two hikers in the Scottish Highlands and once considered lost, has now been uncovered after 30 years.

On Sunday, The Mirror reported that the image dubbed the “Calvine Photograph,” uncovered by academic and journalist David Clarke, depicts a diamond-shaped object hovering in the sky near Calvine, Scotland.

Described by some as the “world’s best” UFO photo, the image was snapped by two hikers on a Scottish hillside on Aug. 4, 1990. The hikers then handed the images to Scotland’s Daily Record newspaper, upon which the Record gave them to the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense (MOD). But subsequent to their delivery to the British government, for reasons unknown, the story was never published, and nothing more was reported from the MOD.

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