Dr. Michio Kaku to Newsmax: Despite AI, Humans Will Still Be in Control

Despite artificial intelligence improving and robots potentially being able to replace certain jobs or complete certain tasks in the future, human beings will still have the sole capacity for the content behind them, Dr. Michio Kaku told Newsmax Tuesday.

“At first, when you hear about the story that these chatbots can replace lawyers, they can replace doctors, they can write term papers for university students, you say to yourself, ‘my God, it’s all over for humans,’” Kaku, a professor of theoretical physics at City College of New York, told “Eric Bolling The Balance.” 

“But then we begin to realize that, no. See, it turns out that lawyers that use chatbots will replace lawyers that don’t use chatbots,” he continued. “So it will replace certain kinds of jobs. But the content, that creativity, the idea, the engine, will be reserved for human beings.”

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