Fred Fleitz to Newsmax: ‘No One Respects Joe Biden’ in the World

The world’s mocking reaction to President Joe Biden’s address to the United Nations on Tuesday was not only predictable, but it shows there is no respect for this administration, according to former National Security Council chief of staff Fred Fleitz on Newsmax.

“No one respects Joe Biden, and when he said in his speech we’re going to have a new era of relentless diplomacy, and he’s going to rebuild America’s alliances, the world knows he’s lying,” Fleitz told Tuesday’s “Cortes & Pellegrino.”

“He’s destroying alliances. He stabbed our allies in the back in Afghanistan. He stabbed the French in the back. Think of all the news coverage about this speech all over the world with the snide comments by commentators in every language, saying that, frankly, Joe Biden is a liar.”

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