Macron Appoints Elizabeth Borne as PM, Will Help Him Face Challenges

Worldwide attention focused on the French election victory of Emanuel Macron, a centrist candidate, who was seriously challenged by candidates on the extreme Left and Right.

His reelection was important first as an example of a European country struggling to maintain a centrist political direction faced with popular doubts and fervent opposition from both Right and Left parties that gained unprecedented support in the recent election.

In addition, Macron’s reelection has taken on added importance because he has a central role in organizing the NATO and European Union defense against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. His in-person and phone contacts with Vladimir Putin has provided at the very least an open channel for an off-ramp for Mr. Putin.The suspense and tension in the April election was palpable because of the center candidate’s electoral weakness. Candidates Melenchon from the Left and Le Pen and Zemmour on the Right won together 73% of the vote in the first voting round.

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