Must-watch videos of the week

A teen builds an awesome backyard project, a groom makes a huge blunder and Dana Carvey has us rolling. These are the must-watch videos of the week.

Beach discovery

Beachgoers thought it was a missile, but it turned out to be a damaged US Air Force drone that washed ashore in Florida’s Palm Beach County. The Air Force told CNN affiliate WPLG that it was shot down months ago.

Mom wants her yard back

This is pretty cool! Ben Tolliday spent three weeks building a roller coaster in the backyard of his home in Sandy Springs, Georgia. After testing it out, he even got his mom to ride it!

Wedding woe

Your wedding day is supposed to be stress-free, right? A groom accidentally dropped his bride’s wedding ring into a lake during the ceremony. Thankfully, a scuba diver was able to retrieve it.

‘Absolutely breathtaking’

Being this close to an active volcano doesn’t seem like a good idea, but the views really are spectacular. Hear what people in Iceland have to say about the eruption near Reykjavik.

From 41 to 46

Who can’t Dana Carvey impersonate? The incomparable comedian chatted with Stephen Colbert and imitated Dr. Anthony Fauci and President Biden.


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