Rand Paul to Newsmax: Ukraine Aid Package Not ‘Wise’

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., on Thursday told Newsmax that sending a $40 billion aid package to Ukraine isn’t “wise,” despite the country’s ongoing fight against a Russian invasion.

Paul said on “National Report” that “I think my main concern is that we don’t have the $40 billion. We’re running a debt over the last two years over $6 trillion … So we don’t have $40 billion. What we have to do is we borrow that money from China, or the Federal Reserve prints it up, and then we send it to Ukraine. But what this does is cause more inflation in our country because we’re borrowing more money. So I just don’t think it’s wise.”

He added, “If people thought this was really important, there are a couple of ways that could have been paid for … If all Americans want to send that money to Ukraine, we could have had a $500 tax on everybody’s income.”

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