Rep. Buddy Carter to Newsmax: Voters Funding Abortion Travel ‘Ludicrous’

Rep. Earl ”Buddy” Carter, R-Ga., told Newsmax on Friday that the idea of the federal government using taxpayer money through Medicaid to pay travel expenses for women and girls to get an abortion is ”ludicrous” and a way the Biden administration is trying to ”skirt” the Hyde Amendment prohibiting the use of federal funds for abortion.

”All this is the administration trying to get around the fact that now people are going to have to travel to other states to get an abortion. The states that will be legal in, and what we want to do is to make sure that they’re not using taxpayers’ money to get the travel, to go there, to pay for the travel to go to that state,” Carter said on ”American Agenda.”

”This is a ludicrous idea that taxpayers should be paying money for something that is not healthcare. Abortion is not healthcare. Healthcare saves lives; abortion ends lives.”

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