Rep. Donalds to Newsmax: Congress Holds ‘Massive’ Evidence Against Bidens

Member of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., shared with Newsmax his insights ahead of the forthcoming public hearing scheduled for Wednesday, where Hunter Biden will be interviewed. According to Donalds, there is “massive” evidence suggesting the first son is implicated in a “pay-for-play” scheme. This scheme allegedly involved foreign entities compensating him as a means to secure access to his father, President Joe Biden, upon which money was ostensibly doled out to the president or other family members.

Speaking with “Rob Schmitt Tonight,” Donalds says that while he can’t get into the specifics of tomorrow’s hearing, there is “massive amounts of evidence that Hunter Biden was the tip of the spear of the Biden crime family — their influence peddling scheme.”

Donalds expects the hearing to proceed in three stages. The first involves “getting him on the record of his business dealings, in my view,” the congressman stated. “Second part is bringing the actual financial documents that we’ve been able to subpoena, and have him explain in detail what is going on with these financial transactions. The third piece is going to be the trickiest because obviously what the Bidens did when they set up this entire scheme is they wanted to give Joe Biden plausible deniability. That’s why you have twenty shell companies. That is why you have money moved from company to company, family members getting a piece, Joe Biden getting a piece a couple of weeks later.”

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Rep. Donalds to Newsmax: Congress Holds ‘Massive’ Evidence Against Bidens

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