Rep. Fitzgerald to Newsmax: Dems’ New Policing Laws Coming Too Late

House Democrats pushed through legislation on crime and policing issues recently in a last-ditch effort to reverse their record on crime before the midterm elections, but it’s too late to change the effects their policies have already had on the nation’s law enforcement community, Rep. Scott Fitzgerald said on Newsmax Friday.

“What we saw last week on the floor of the house was a number of bills that the Democrats rolled out, trying to save their own tails as they go into the November elections,” the Wisconsin Republican said on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “We know what they did. They defunded the police. They followed the lead of the ‘squad.’ And now they’re trying to reverse that.”

The bills past week authorize grants for law enforcement and training, including programs for hiring in police departments that have fewer than 200 officers; training funding for community violence interrupter programs; increased technology to investigate violent crime; and grants for programs to fund mental health first responders, reports Roll Call.

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