Rep. McCormick to Newsmax: New COVID Theory Lacks ‘Science’

A new theory floating around about the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic coming from raccoon dogs at a wet market lacks “science” in its reasoning, says Rep. Dr. Rich McCormick, R-Ga.

“These ‘scientists,’ these virologists, these people from big universities who want to believe something, they’re the true deniers,” Dr. McCormick said during an appearance on “Wake Up America” Saturday.

“If you want to look at the Democrats right now, and all things are denying whether we have a banking crisis, whether we have a border crisis, where this virus came from, how we treat it, what they do with our businesses, they are truly deniers. I was asking the scientists in our hearings why he thought that was the most likely case, and he just started starting some garbage about something that had no substance in science.”

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