Rep. Meuser to Newsmax: Bill Calls for Controls on Biden’s Immigration Flights

The Biden administration’s border policy is an “unmitigated disaster,” including the dozens of flights that have brought immigrants, including thousands of children, into rural areas of the country, but now that Republicans are sponsoring flights to transport immigrants to places like Martha’s Vineyard, “it’s becoming a national issue,” Rep. Dan Meuser said on Newsmax, Friday. 

“Well, welcome to the party, Massachusetts,” the Pennsylvania Republican told Newsmax’s “Wake Up America” while discussing a bill he introduced earlier this year to stop the administration’s immigrant flight practices. 

“All of a sudden this is a national crisis because 50 illegals are flown up to Martha’s Vineyard and some to Washington, D.C., Chicago, and New York,” Meuser said. “Meanwhile, we had dozens of flights flying into rural airports over the last year.”

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