Retired Coast Guard Vice Admiral: COVID Vax Mandates Weaken Military

Retired Coast Guard Vice Admiral William “Dean” Lee chastised the Biden administration and the Department of Defense for their continued discharging of service members refusing the COVID-19 vaccine.

In a letter obtained by the Washington Examiner on Monday, Lee writes that he isn’t against the vaccines and is vaccinated himself. But he argues that discharging every single service member who refuses it violates their First Amendment rights while at the same time hindering military preparedness, which is already experiencing a recruiting shortage. Lee says that continuing this policy will exacerbate the problem further.

“Reports of recruiting struggles across the services indicate that the vaccine mandates are an impediment to recruiting, exacerbating the current recruiting and retention problems that are already impacting force strength in some DoD components,” the three-star vice admiral writes. “Enforcement of the blanket mandate is also resulting in separations of thousands of personnel and therefore is exacerbating force strength issues, and thus readiness concerns.”

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