TikTok Star Accused of Starting Forest Fire for Attention on Social Media

A TikTok star is defending herself from accusations that she started a forest fire to gain attention on social media.

Nosheen Syed, also known as Dolly, received widespread backlash after posting a video of her posing in front of a forest fire in the Margalla Hills — a hill range in Pakistan that is home to nesting migratory birds, according to Newsweek.

The video has since been deleted but according to reports, was in partnership with a fashion brand, Bling. A criminal complaint has now been filed against Syed under wildlife and environment protection laws, but Syed claimed she did not deliberately set the fire. She says she found it when it was already raging, Newsweek noted. She also said the fire was not near the Margalla Hills, but an area close to a motorway.

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