With the End of Title 42, San Jose Looks to Be ‘As Welcoming and Inclusive as Possible’ to Illegal Migrants

AP Photo/Eric Gay, File

San Jose has taken an “inclusive” stance on the migrant influx caused by the end of Title 42.

Title 42, an emergency health authority originated by the Trump administration, allowed US officials to turn away illegal migrants at the Southern border on the grounds of preventing the spread Covid.

The Biden administration ended Title 42, leading to a surge in immigration along the border.

Federal, state, and local officials have had more than two years to prepare for this moment. But officials running migrant shelters on both sides of the border say they have very little information about how to handle the increase in asylum seekers trying to cross from Mexico into California and other states.

San Jose’s Office of Racial Equity is taking action with a Welcoming Migrant Response Plan designed to activate various departments to make the process of seeking asylum in the U.S. as welcoming and inclusive as possible.

Zulma Maciel, Office of Racial Equity Director, outlined the plan, stating that it “Will activate various departments to ensure our response is as welcoming, inclusive, and humane as possible for people seeking asylum in the U.S.” Though no specific details on the plan have yet to be provided.

It’s still unknown how many migrants have arrived in San Jose since the ending of Title 42.


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