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San Francisco Woman Sues McDonald’s Over Scalding Hot Coffee



AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

A San Francisco woman is suing McDonald’s claiming she was scalded by hot coffee. A lawsuit filed earlier this month says 85-year-old Mable Childress was left with severe burns after buying coffee at a McDonald’s drive-thru in San Francisco last June.  

The suit claims her coffee lid was improperly secured by restaurant staff, and that the lid came off when she tried to drink from the cup, resulting in severe burns. She’s accusing the restaurant of gross negligence and is seeking over 25-thousand dollars in damages.

In an email to FOX Business, Peter Ou, the franchisee who owns and operates the McDonald’s on Fillmore Street, wrote: “My restaurants have strict food safety protocols in place, including training crew to ensure lids on hot beverages are secure. We take every customer complaint seriously — and when Ms. Childress reported her experience to us later that day, our employees and management team spoke to her within a few minutes and offered assistance. We’re reviewing this new legal claim in detail.”

In 1994, Stella Liebeck of Albuquerque, New Mexico, filed a similar suit.