Southern California Mayor Accused of Sending Gang Member to Intimidate Resident

YouTube, @FOX 11 Los Angeles.

A Southern California mayor is being accused of sending a gang member to a resident’s house to intimidate them. According to Gabby Leos, El Monte Mayor Jessica Ancona has been relentless since the two began feuding during last year’s election over flyers Leos posted for a traffic safety meeting. 

Ancona said the flyers were campaign materials for her opponent.  El Monte’s police chief confirmed the identity of the man sent to Leos’s house as a known gang member who was just released from Federal prison. Leos says Ancona has forwarded private email exchanges to her employer, implying that she was arguing with the Mayor on company time.

Leos says she was investigated and almost lost her job. Now she is suing the city and the Mayor claiming a citizen should be able to criticize public officials without fear of retaliation. Mayor Ancona has not commented on the suit or the accusations.


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