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Balance of Nature


Dr. Douglas Howard created Balance of Nature in 1997 after he realized that fruits and vegetables contain hundreds of thousands of phytonutrients. Dr. Howard developed Balance of Nature to help people get 10+ servings of fruits and vegetables and receive all those nutrients.

Balance of Nature products are 100% real. They have no fillers, extracts, or additives of any type. The Fruits & Veggies are simply made of whole fruits and whole vegetables. The Fiber & Spice blend is made of whole psyllium husk, whole apple, flaxseed, and 12 spice. You can tell the products are made of only whole, real food by seeing, smelling, and tasting them.

Dr. Howard is concerned about everyone staying active, happy, and healthy while decreasing risk of lifestyle diseases. To do this, Dr. Howard designed the Health Triad that consists of physical, spiritual, and chemical health. This encourages you to make lifestyle changes and pay attention to what you eat, think, and do while working towards better overall health and wellness.

While your health is your responsibility, Balance of Nature is here to help you. They offer products for your nutrition, help you set goals with the Health Triad, and hold you accountable through Health Coaching.

Balance of Nature is a results-based company. When you take care of your body and improve your nutrition, real results will take place. The 300+ success stories they collect every week and the great reviews on Trustpilot show that customers are noticing benefits.

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