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Bob Tanem in the Garden: January 5, 2019

Our guest at half past the hour was Barry Hoffer of Maples For All Seasons, one of the pre-eminent Maple experts in the country; his nursery supplies many varieties of Japanese Maples (and more) and he is expert in helping people select and care for these trees in various climates. Edie Tanem was unable to…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: December 29, 2019

Our program this morning was all about the callers; we did not feature a guest interview today. ┬áPopular topics include fall pruning of various trees especially Japanese maple and pit fruit, and of roses; all of this is best to happen in January. Edie Tanem is on hand and well prepared with an abundant list…MORE

Bob Tanem in the Garden: December 22, 2019

No guest on the show this chilly, rainy day right before Christmas — a good today to talk about houseplants, spring pruning, and future plans: we did this and more with callers all over the bay area and beyond! Edie Tanem has her jingle bells out and her list of upcoming gardening events is long;…MORE