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October 18: Evacuation Center in Pittsburg/Baypoint BART Parking Lot

Con Fire on scene of a grass fire that is threatening an underground gas pipeline in Baypoint, vicinity Poinsettia and Suisun Avenues. Evacuations within 1/2 mile of site we’re ordered in the last few minutes. Pittsburg PD and CCC Sheriff carrying out evacs. — Confire PIO (@ContraCostaFire) October 18, 2018 Anyone in the Baypoint area…

October 12: Steve Moskowitz Event TODAY!

If you’d like to see Steve Moskowitz today for his event about TAX PLANNING, you’re in luck! All of the information is below!   WHERE: Peninsula Regent, 1 Baldwin Avenue in San Mateo WHEN: 10AM and 2PM no RSVP needed

October 12: Support Local TAXI Drivers with THIS App!!

We know that our Uber and Lyft services are convenient but our local cab drivers are taking it in the chops because of them. Download the app below and give the taxi drivers some love!   CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE CURB APP!!!