September 21, 2018: Sumo!


ID  39512173
Age 3Y 0M
Weight 55lbs. 2oz.
Gender Male
Breed  Chinese Shar-Pei Mix
Personality Delicate Flower

The characters for sumo literally mean “striking each other.” Our Sumo, the handsome, mellow dog, has told us he is against violence of any sort. However, he is a striking doggo! Sumo is pro-calm, pro-quiet, pro-cute, and pro-cuddle. This sweet pup is looking to go home with adopters who will let him acclimate to all situations and people at his own pace. While he adjusts, he’s tender and requires tender-touch humans as well. Are you looking for a big fella with a big heart and lots of love to share? Come meet our fellow, Sumo, today!


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