October 19, 2018: Sirenian!


ID  39631501
Age 5Y 1M
Weight 28lbs. 11oz.
Gender Male
Breed Welsh Corgi, Pembroke, Dachshund, Standard Smooth Haired
Personality Delicate Flower

A sirenian, or sea cow, is a fully aquatic animal. Our pup Sirenian hasn’t let us know yet whether he loves the water too. He does love being with other dogs and he definitely would like to have a canine companion in the home. He’s growing in confidence, but the city is quite a bit different from where he hails. Sirenian warms up to people and places at a more relaxed pace than lots of other dogs, and we admire his ability to keep moving forward. He’s been a brave fellow here and we expect with love and affection he is going to be one happy pup!


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