January 4, 2019: Jules!


ID  40037002
Age 2Y 2M
Weight 55lbs. 2oz.
Gender Male
Breed Terrier, Pit Bull Mix
Personality The Great Explorer

He might drag you on a trip “Around The World In 80 Days” since he is such a strong fellow. His name is Jules and he is named after his favorite author Jules Verne. Jules is a happy boy who loves to take long walks. He would even be willing to go on a “Journey To The Center Of The Earth” with you. Jules has loads of energy and he is one muscular guy. He enjoys good company and sun bathing, weather permitting. You don’t have to travel “20,000 leagues Under The Sea” to meet him, you can find him at the SPCA. Begin an adventure and come by to say hello to him today.


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