March 1, 2019: Dwight!


ID  39541417
Age 1Y 6M
Weight 46lbs. 5oz.
Gender Male
Breed Terrier, Pit Bull Mix
Personality The Great Explorer

This super energetic fellow is named Dwight. He is probably one of the most exuberant dogs you will ever meet and he loves staying active. Dwight is loaded with love, as well as energy. He likes playing tug-o-war and he almost always wins. He is just a bouncy boy who can make a toy out of the silliest thing. Dwight doesn’t play well with other dogs, so he needs to avoid dog parks, and he needs to be the only pet in your home. He likes treats and he will sit for them. Dwight needs an active home to live in where he will get lots of love and training. Come by and bounce around with Dwight today.


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