March 15, 2019: Clover!


ID  39700975
Age 11Y 5M
Weight 46lbs. 5oz.
Gender Female
Breed Terrier, Pit Bull Mix
Personality Ease-On Down the Road

You will be feeling lucky when you find Clover. She doesn’t have four leaves, but she does have four legs. Clover can’t hear you, but she loves to gaze into your eyes giving you the chance to fall completely in love with her big, brown ones! A happy gal, Clover is housebroken and knows how to sit and go down for those amazing treats you’ve got in your pocket. She’ll walk right by your side and look up longingly as you saunter down the street. Of course she’s going to look away to the yummy smells, but only for a minute! Clover would prefer to avoid other dogs when she’s cruising around on leash with you. Her very best neighborhood will be one with few chances to accidentally run into dogs around the corner. Your luck is about to change, so come by and say hello to Clover today.


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